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Magazine review c’97
Screen shots from various shows:
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Much of GSC|NYC or the Gotham Surf Club is owed to “NYC WIPEOUT!” the TV show.

A pioneering/groundbreaking NYC surfing TV show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network that started in the beginning of 1997 & lasted into the beginning of 2000. When the load balance of full time employment, part time Art Directing and marital plans put the kabosh on any free time to pursue a new schedule for future shows.

With Alex’s passion for surfing & his technical skills with film/audio/video from a sordid past back in Australia, he saw the opening to combine these elements to create an avenue for further creativity & something unique to what he considers to be the cultural capital of the world; so it was only fitting that surfing should be added to the mix of NYC ’s lifestyle.

Alex produced in the vicinity of 45+ half hour shows over the near 4 years the show ran, but lets be honest here, there were a lot of repeats! The show was on twice a week and sometimes even more should other TV show producers not submit there tapes on time. And with over 400 fans on Alex ’s mailing/email list, the station received a lot of requests to play shows again and again. We have provided links to 4 of the shows to watch below.

The show exhibited a lot of material from local surf videographers and some mates of Alex ’s back in Oz. But to further the balance of the show, Alex took the liberty to cut out dead sections and also do some beat editing to new tunes he added to the original pieces, sometimes offering unique synchronicities of music, color and visual flow. But the most unique of all with the TV show was Alex ’s antics at trying to do surf forecasts with very archaic blue screen technology he had in his very tiny bedroom in a 1BR apartment in the East Village of NYC. With no mirroring device so he could properly point to spots on his map, he often gets discombobulated and arm twisted as he tries harder & harder to show us what it is he thinks is of interest, and it didn’t help that he was most often quite tipsy when he did these shows at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night. ;-)

But all in all, the show was a huge success that lead to many parties & film premieres hosted by “NYC WIPEOUT!” that eventually rolled in to the Gotham Surf Club. Due to an overwhelming amount of requests from the viewership to meet up to share information, tips, rides & to actually meet in person, parties & gatherings started off in a monthly pattern and was usually hosted at the venue vOID, which was owned by Allison Culbertson and Eric Savage. NYC’s first video lounge.

It should be known that “NYC WIPEOUT!” was a non-profit venture, more like a costly enterprise considering the 3+ hours it took to do each show, the tape stock involved and not to mention the video & audio equipment. There are some plans in the works where a box set of the best shows will be released on DVD, and for cost! So stay tuned here for future news, or go to our subscription page and sign up for routine updates about GSC|NYC parties & events as well as any “NYC WIPEOUT!” release information.
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