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eam Rider
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Thomas Brookins
1. Where were you born, and what year?
 In the year of the great Kicktail skateboard.

2. Where do you live now and what is it like?
I live in a fantasy world, I love it here.

3. When & where did you start surfing & who influenced you to do so?
I was influenced to surf by people who never would step foot in the water and Dana Tittle, If your still alive, Thanks wherever you are.

4. What was your first board?
Morey Mach 5. Oh you mean fiberglass, Then it was a 9'0 custom Time Bomb Performance Longboard designed by Alex Karinsky, made by Chenzo.

5. Who do you admire most in all of surfing?
My Gal, her innocent and effortless ability to have genuine fun without a care for what the world thinks is precious.

6. What are some of your favorites? ( color, food, drink, book, movie, musician, artist)
Change Jars, August Burns Red, Slayer, Crash pads, frisky Bride, New Board Smell, Night of the Living Dead, half Alsacion, half Paraguayan women, ghosts, Coffee, Death metal T-shirts with Flip Flops, skinny dipping, Rum, Upright Base, Chics with beer breathe, naked Chics with beer breathe, Sand in the bedroom and Coffee .

7. What's your most memorable surfing moment to this day in your life.
Dropping down the face of an overhead bomb less then 4 months into learning to pop up on a surfboard. My friends went ape shiz & made me feel like a bazillion stoked little bucks.

8. What is one of your most proud moments and why?
01/01/1995, The night the strangest most beautiful girl in the world made love to me in front of everyone at a huge New Years party. I had to marry that girl. Its like that night has never stopped.

9. What are the goals you are still working toward?
To get her to do it again! lol! Oh yeah & make a few surfing movies here & there.

10. What do you want more than anything out of your love for surfing?
More then anything, my good health, I would like to live somewhere I can surf comfortably, more consistently & other then that, all that really matters to me is to be with good friends wherever I go. What else would ya need?