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eam Rider
Guiseppe ‘frroK’ Giammona
1. Where were you born, and what year?
Brooklyn, NY 1977

2. Where do you live now and what is it like?
Sheapshead Bay Brooklyn/Rockaway Beach.  Live in sheapshead bay and have a beach pad at Rockaway for when the waves are firing.  Sheapshead bay is good for fishing, that's about it.

3. When & where did you start surfing & who influenced you to do so?
Started surfing Uptown rockaway by RIIS and Fort Tilden when i was about 15 or so. bodyboarded first then graduated to stand-up when I realized I could stand up on the boogie.  My close buddies were my only influences back then as I didn't know much about surfing outside where i was surfing.

4. What was your first board?
An Epoxy T&C it was orange and yellow and I think it was a 6'0 but 'm not sure. it was a hand-me-down.

5. Who do you admire most in all of surfing?
Kelly Slater for his excellent competitivness and being relaxed in heavy situations. Corey Lopez for his Style and flow and sick gouges. Ozzie Wright for his orginiality in not only surfing but other aspects. I admire that the most because I can relate. Life is about doing things that make you happy and expressing yourself, whether it be surfing , art or music.

6. What are some of your favorites? (color, food, drink, book, movie, musician, artist)
Pasta and Sushi, Blue, Beer and Coffee. Surfer Mags, Listen to mostly Hardcore, Punk reggae and Sublime...But I like alot of different genres.

7. What's your most memorable surfing moment to this day in your life.
Most memorable has to be Surfing the Big Blizzard of 2006. Just to be out there when in DOH waves, pretty much as BIG as Rockaway gets is pretty memorable. I can remember every wave I caught.

8. What is one of your most proud moments and why?
This is very hard to answer, there are several. graduating college, birth of my niece and nephew.  Placing 1st in a surf contest even though it was ESA. There are probably others I can't remember

9. What are the goals you are still working toward?
Just to surf harder and do more critical maneuvers in waves. I want to be able to stand out amongst all the goons out there...lol.

10. What do you want more than anything out of your love for surfing?
Just to be happy, no worries ya know. that's the main thing I guess.  Live life to the fullest.